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Country Music Guide:How did you come up with the name for the group?
Paul: Dan's dad recommended the name to us because he was a big Gunsmoke fan. We didn't know who that was so we dismissed it. But as time went on, we got a dog. We decided to name the dog "Marshall Dyllon," because we thought it would be a cool name for the dog. We, on the other hand, still didn't have a name, so after a while, the name "Marshall Dyllon" grew on us, and we were named after our dog!
Jesse: It was suggested by Dan's dad, and we didn't know who it was because of our young age but we did like the name. Time went on and we got a dog and we named him Marshall Dyllon and he grew on us and in return we named the band after the dog.
Daniel: Finding the perfect name was a big problem. Nothing suggested seemed to fit us. One day my dad called and wondered about "Marshall Dyllon." Now, for those of you who don't know who that is, he was a character on a Western TV series, "Gunsmoke" about 25 years ago. Obviously, we didn't know who he was either, but we soon learned. Well, we didn't take the name right away, but we did give it to our dog. Time went by and we were still nameless, so we decided to have it also. It's great. We've had fun with it. It fits us.
Michael: We got the name from Dan's dad. He said it one day and we didn't know who it was. So we gave the name to our dog, and eventually we took the name from him.
Todd: What he said.
Country Music Guide: Do you ever have time to get online and look at fan websites?
Paul: Yes, I love it. It is so flattering to see fan sites... to actually see people enjoy what you do is awesome.
Jesse: Every once in a while I gander on the Internet to see how the buzz of MD is doing, and surprisingly there were a few fan sites and that's just wild.
Daniel: To tell ya the truth, I'm computer illiterate. I can type and check my e-mail, that's about it. But I have heard about some of the sites and fan pages. That's very cool. I really need to check them out. I'm gonna try to figure this out on my own, but feel free to help me out!
Michael: Not really, but I love to see them when I do get online.
Todd: Yeah, I've checked out alot of them. It is really neat to see how people we've never met are working to help share our music.
Country Music Guide: At what age did you realize that you wanted to sing for a living?
Paul: In high school I realized that I enjoyed entertaining people so much that I knew that it was either do this for a living or be a bum.
Jesse: I always played piano since the age of 8, and then started writing music, and a few years later I have a record deal--go figure. Music is what I love and what I'm passionate about so if someone wants to give me the chance to live to love, so be it.
Daniel: I've known what I wanted to do my whole life. I'm the youngest of seven, and all my siblings, and parents, are musical. So, it's what I grew up around. I've got interests in lots of different areas, but music is what I really love.
Michael: I've been singing all of my life, and it's always been a dream of mine.
Todd: I started playing piano at age 4, and I was singing and songwriting by age 12. I've never wanted to do anything else with my life but make music.
Country Music Guide: What do your families think of what you do?
Paul: They love it! They are very supportive in everything that I do. I think my mom might be having more fun with this than I am!
Jesse: Two words to describe my family "Gracious & Amazing."
Daniel: They're the greatest. I had to leave high school and move when I was 16. It was tough for my parents to let me go, but they knew it was the opportunity of a lifetime, and if I didn't take this chance, I would always wonder "What if?" What I'm doing now has actually been a dream of the members of my family also. So, it's awesome that they're able to see what it's like and experience all the excitement. They couldn't be more supportive.
Michael: They are excited and very proud. It was hard for them at first, but they are having fun with it now.
Todd: My family has always been supportive. The deal was, as long as I went to college, I could pursue whatever career I wanted. As long as I worked hard in school, they provided constant support of my dreams.
Country Music Guide: So far we've only seen you guys singing. Do any of you play instruments? If so who plays what?
Paul: Yes, we do play instruments. I play the bass guitar, (though not as well as I would like.) Todd plays the guitar and piano. Jesse also plays the guitar and piano. Michael plays the guitar, and Daniel... well Daniel can just sing really well. But we are mainly a vocal feature group.
Jesse: I've played the piano and guitar for a long time now, and love playing in front of people, those instruments are what got me here.
Daniel: Yes, Jessie plays the guitar and piano, as does Todd. Michael plays guitar, and Paul plays the Bass. I took piano from about 8 different teachers while I was little, and about all I can play is the theme from "Charlie Brown," but I'm up for learning anything new.
Michael: I play the guitar, Todd plays guitar and piano, Jesse plays the guitar and the piano, and Paul plays the bass guitar.
Todd: What he said.
Country Music Guide: Are all of you single?
Paul: No, but I am. [Phone numbers welcome.. :)]. Todd is the only one with a girlfriend, and none of us are married.
Jesse: No, Todd has a women and I am confused.
Daniel: Unfortunately, I am. I've been trying to change that for a while, but I guess I'm out of luck. That might be a good thing right now because we're not at home very often, but I can't wait to date again. As of now, Todd is the only guy who has a girlfriend. The rest of us are available.
Michael: All of us are single except Todd.
Todd: I have a girlfriend. I've been seeing for eight months. She's wonderful and incredibly supportive.
Country Music Guide: What kinds of things do you do to keep in shape on the road?
Paul: I run every chance I get, and I also do push-ups and sit-ups in the hotel rooms. I also try to eat as healthy as poissible, but it's hard when you eat out every meal of the day.
Jesse: Shape? Good health? I don't know the meaning of these words. Just kidding. "Once" in a while some of us hit the weight room or run, notice the emphasis on "once."
Daniel: That's definitely easier said than done. I just try to watch what I eat. When you get to a hotel late at night, and you have to get up pretty early the last thing you want to do is go to the weight room. It's nice to be able to come home and be "normal" again.
Michael: I'm not exactly a healthy eater, but I work out when I get the chance.
Todd: I try to work out several times a week. Sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day, but I still do alot better than anyone when it comes to working out.
Country Music Guide: What food couldn't you live without?
Paul: Chicken. Unlike Michael, some of us can't eat steak 24/7.
Jesse: Cheeze-Its. I love 'em.
Daniel: Spaghetti and my parent's Sunday dinner. Hands down, two of the best things on the earth!
Michael: I can't live without my steak.
Todd: I guess lunch. I don't have to have any particular food, but I have to have lunch. If it gets to be mid-afternoon and I haven't eaten, don't get near me.
Country Music Guide: What are your favorite country and non country artists or CD's?
Paul: My favorite country artist right now is Sara Evans. She has a beautiful voice and a great new album. My favorite non-country artist right now is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
Jesse: I don't have any particular favorites but I do love "Dixie Chicks" and "Dave Matthews Band." They're amazing.
Daniel: Wow, that's a tough one. As far as country goes, Diamond Rio's "Unbelievable," and The Dixie Chicks "Fly" would have to be at the top of my list. In other types of music 311, Creed, and Lauryn Hill are some of my favorites.
Michael: Garth Brooks and Lenny Kravitz.
Todd: Diamond Rio, Phil Vassar, Tim McGraw, Matchbox20, Dave Matthews, Bruce Hornsby.
Country Music Guide:Paul, why did you decide to form a country group instead of join O-Town?
Paul: I decided to leave O-Town because I didn't feel that that was the way I wanted to go personally. And of course, when the option of singing in Nashville and working with Kenny Rogers arose, I knew I had to jump at the chance, and had done the right thing; it was just more natural for me to be doing this. And when Jesse, Daniel, Todd, and Michael came on board with their amazing talent, the band formed itself.

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