My MD Experience

We(me, my sis's Angel and Amanda, and my Grandma) got to the concert early to get front row to see the best band in the world! Never expecting what would happen. After being there for about 2 and a half to 3 hours a tour bus pulled up. I was like could it really be them?! It was! Dan walked off of the bus and I thought I was gonna die! I was shaking so bad! Paul and Todd came over to talk to us!! They were so sweet! I showed them a pic of my goat(Marshall Dyllon). They thought it was cute! Then Angel's like, "Candi Don't look now. Here comes Dan!" He walked up right beside me and held my hand for like 3 seconds!! Then Todd showed him the pic of my goat. He hugged my pic and asked if they could keep it to hang on their bus! He said it was their new mascot! hehe. After a while we went to our car and Jesse and Michael came up to talk to us! They were sweeties, too! Then we sat in out car for a while. MD were sitting at picnic tables near us and they kept waving to us! We were listening to their cd and singing along! Then we watched their sound check(they were having technical problems). Todd had a dead battery and he goes "Anyone want a 9 volt battery?" My sis and i were like "over here!!" He threw it to us and said "Don't put yout tongue on it!" lol. The concert was amazing!! They dedicated the song "Special Girl" to me and my 2 sisters! It was so much fun! Then they had an autograph signing. When we got to them we started singing part of "Special Girl" We got loads of hugs, talked to them for a while, and got some pics signed. Then we watched then sign for other people. Before they left the signing I snuck an extra hug from Dan! Then while this other guy was singing we went to our car(which happened to be right near their bus!!) and caught Paul and Jesse! We got extra hugs and they said they'll be looking for us in a couple weeks(we are seeing them on August 11th!). Then we watched their tour bus drive away! The perfect end to a perfect day!

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