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Marshall Dyllon


Here are the lyrics to all the wonderful Marshall Dyllon songs on their amazing and my favorite album, "Enjoy The Ride"!!!!!!

"God Bless This Town"
(Rory Bourke/Phil Vassar)

I can tell I'm home by the way they're driving
The pace is slow and the air is clear
Ain't nobody in a real big hurry
There's not many deadlines to meet around here
I've been gone for way too long
Been too far out of touch
And lookin' around me I can see
That just being happy you don't need much

Oh, God bless this town
Tall church steeples and the big playgrounds
The streets roll up when the sun goes down
And love runs deep as the trees are round
I'm back on hallowed ground
God bless this town

I see the old bank clock's still broken
I guess they'll get around to it one of these days
Evelyn Pane's still working at the drugstore
They're still hanging out at the hardware on main
Not much changes here except the stoplight's red and green
My old house still looks the same
And everybody is on the front porch waitin' on me

(Repeat Chorus)

I remember the day I left here
Going out on my own
Mama said, "Boy no matter where you wind up
This will always be your home."

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

"All I Wanna Do"
(Ron Harbin/Richie McDonald/Anthony Smith)

Girl, I haven't known you long
I may be coming on too strong
And if I am I hope you understand
No, I'm not quite sure what this is
But I know I've never felt like this
And I'm prayin' you feel it too
I can think of a million things that I'd like to say
But standing here face to face

All I wanna do
All I really wanna do is kiss you
Girl, I wanna feel that fire I see in your eyes
All I wanna be
All I really wanna be is with you
Forever and ever but baby tonight
All I really wanna do is kiss you

I hope you know it's not like me
To open up so easily
Girl, if you only knew what I'm I'm going though
Lovin' you
I'm trying to hold these feelings back
But it's not use can't you see that
My life's outta control
But right now all I know
Even though it's crazy, girl
I just can't resist, taking this chance
At a moment like this

(Repeat Chorus)

I don't even wanna take the time
To figure this out
I just wanna close my eyes
'Cause baby right now..oh, oh

(Repeat Chorus)

"She's Like A Child"
(Matthew Morris)

She's like a child that don't know no better
And I've been told that I'm no good to love her
But that don't mean a thing to me
'Cause when she's in my arms
She's all the woman that I need

She nothing like any other lover
Oh, she's just fine with who I am
And she don't see someone else in me
And when she's in my arms
She's all the woman that I need

She believes in make believe
Not makin' love a game
All she wants is my honesty
Right or wrong
She loves me just the same

'Cause she's like a child that don't know no better
And I've been told that I'm no good to love her
But that don't mean a thing to me
'Cause when she's in my arms
She's all the woman that I need

"Live It Up"
Robert Byrne/Phil Vassar

Last night I tried so hard to sleep
I counted half a million sheep
And my whole life passed right before my eyes
I pondered on the universe
It only went from bad to worse
And I wondered what would happen if I died
I think I've been thinking way too much
I say it's a perfect time for us, to

First chorus:
Live it up
There ain't no time to waste no time
And there ain't no better time to celebrate
Hurry up, oh can't you feel the urgency
There ain't nothing we can do when it's too late
And too late's gonna catch us soon enough
So let's live it up

Old Man Jones with all he knows
You never see him smile
You know he's sittin' on that big portfolio
It's clear that all that's on his mind
Is the top of the ladder and the bottom line
But he can take it with him when he goes
Poor old Jones he never learned to dance
I bet he'd trade it all for one more chance to

(Repeat first chorus)

Sand keeps slipping through the hour glass
Everyday's more precious than the last, so

Second Chorus:
Live it up
There ain't no time to waste no time
And there ain't no better time to celebrate
Hurry up, yeah life is an emergency
There ain't nothing we can do when it's too late
And too late's gonna catch us soon enough
So let's live it up

(repeat first chorus)

(Jimmy Olander/Will Robinson/Aaron Sain)

It was always all about me
My job, my life, my time was all I cared about
I only needed myself
To get me though my life
Then suddenly I found that

I want
I need
I crave
I breathe
I feel
I hope
I dream
I know
I trust
I loveyou

The night I just discovered the night
How magical it is since you're in my arms
Oh, all these days I wake up and I'm amazed
How much I want to give
Since you've touched my heart, and now

(Repeat Chorus)

It wasn't luck
It wasn't fate
There's just one reason our world's changed
Girl, it's you

(Repeat Chorus)

"Closer To Heaven"
(Bob DeMarco/Michael Egizi/Kenny Rogers Jr.)

All I ever wanted to be is where you are
Whenever you're not with me you're just too far
I close my eyes and I am lying next to you
And I grow breathless when I hear your name

'Cause no one ever brought me closer to heaven
No one even made me feel like you do
No one ever made it seem like religion
No one ever loved me like you do

Baby, you know by now you're a part of me
(The sweetest little part of me)
I live to show you how you're the heart of me
(You're the heart of me)
Just when I think that I can't take it anymore
There's an angel waiting at my door

(Repeat chorus)

These are the days that madness follows me around
But I know everything's gonna be alright
As long as I know that I'll be there with you tonight

(Repeat chorus twice)

"Is She Gone"
(Todd Michael Sansom)

I don't have to tell You what I'm going through
I know You can see it for yourself
But in the early morning hours
In the darkness of this room
I've never been so desperate for Your help

I still believe that You made me to be with her
Until the day I leave this world behind
But on a pillow wet with tears that still taste of angry words
I can't blame her if she's changed her mind

Is she gone
You're the only one who knows
If that girl who's lying next to me
Has left me here alone
Is she gone
Is it too late to hear my prayers
I know that she's right there
But is she gone

You've already blessed me more than I deserve
And we both the sinner that I've been
So You don't owe me anythng and asking this takes nerve
But You saved us once, Lord, could You again

(Repeat chorus)

She's the warmth of the sun in my world
And we both know I can't give without that girl

(Repeat chorus)

I know that she's right there
But is she gone?

"I'll Never Miss That Girl"
(Reed Nielsen/Jeff Steel)

Hey guys, what's going on?
Man, do you even own a watch?
Glad you could make it
Sorry I'm late
Let's hit the road

Well, there's that tree where I carved her name
(Aw that's sweet)
Over there's the place where we used to eat
(You and her, and what, 400 other boyfriends?)
And there's the road that leads down to the lake where I kissed her for the first time
(Aw, what a guy)
Here's where she left me

You know, I admit that it got to me a little
(A little? Oh come on!)
I guess there for a while I didn't know what to do
(Man, will you shut up? Turn on the radio)
But I know true love is gonna come around again someday
(Yeah, maybe in another 12, 5, uh never, or, ok, yeah sure, ok)
Well this is just something I have to work through
(Shut up!)

Other than her always being on my mind
And even though I think about her all the time
I never miss, I never miss that girl
Except for the occasional falling all apart
It's pretty much only when every day stars
I'll never miss, I'll never miss
I might reminisce but I'll never miss that girl

(I think something just fell out of your wallet, man)
Yeah, that's her picture
(Oh man, I think it scared my dog, and he's blind! bow wow!)
You know, I've been meaning to put that thing away
(Please do man, cause it's killing me)
Hey is that my cell phone ringing?
(Yeah, here you go)
Tell me, what does that number say on the caller ID anyway?
(Your MOM!)

(Repeat chorus twice)

"We Got Love"
(Bob DeMarco/Michael Egizi/Kenny Rogers Jr.)

I know you and you know my heart, girl
And what you mean to me
Is no mystery at all
Nothing that they do
Can tear us apart girl
Baby, we've got something we both feel
Is big as a life and twice as real
We can not conceal

We got love
We got each other
We got a warm and willing hand
And is love really what life is all about anyway?
Maybe we're young
Maybe we're crazy
Maybe we don't live like they planned
But what they don't understand is
We got love

Can you read my mind
Can you hear my thoughts, girl
You know I'm telling you
The God's own truth I swear
You make me alive
You make me strong, girl
Baby, something somewhere has to give
It's on the way we're meant to live
Let's show them how it is

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

We got love, baby
Yeah, yeah
We got love
We got each other
We got love
(Oh, so strong girl
We got love)

"Special Girl"
(Todd Michael Sansom)

I don't clean my house for just anyone
But all day I've been dancing with this broom
Don't put my life on hold for just anyone
But I've been waitin' for your call all afternoon
I've got a real good system
I like things going my way
Girls come and go and I don't miss them
But I've just gotta say

I don't think I've ever felt this excitement
Never thought about someone
Every minute of my day
I don't know what you're doing,
But it turns my world
And I want you to know
That you're a very special girl

Tellin' all of the boys
I'm goin' crazy
It never has been my style
But then again it's kind of amazing
How my face has been stuck in this smile
Baby, don't let me scare, I know it's been a short time
But you should be aware
You are just blowing my mind

(Repeat Chorus)

I don't want to rush this
But I think you need to see
That I can't stop thinking of you,and how happy you're making me

(Repeat Chorus)

"So Bad"
Craig Bickhardt/Kip Lennon/Michael Lennon/Jack Sundrud

I tell myself to hold on tight
Any day now it'll be all right
Thought I loved enough for two
Even believing won't make it true

One heart waits, while one heart breaks
I swear I've given more than I can take
You're in my arms, but out of my hands
I've got someone to hold, but not to have
And it hurts so much to want someone
So bad

Am I a fool-to wait for you
I keep pushing for you to pull me through
A little taste of love is a bitter pill
I can't make it without you
No, I never will

(Repeat Chorus)

What can I do to make you want me too
The way that I'm wanting you now
Because what I don't see you when you look at me
I'm trying to change somehow
Please tell me how

(Repeat Chorus Twice)

"Enjoy The Ride"
(Todd Michael Sansom)

It's always something
You gotta be here, you gotta be there
You're always running, always got to be somewhere
No time for living, and the days just slip away
You keep on giving, 'til it's all work and no play
You live by the book, and I live on a prayer
Well, I know how you look with the wind in your hair

Ain't talking about love
Baby, I ain't nobody's Romeo
I'm talking about you and me, wild and free
Flat out, down a winding road
And, I'm not sure just what we'll find
But I won't stop until you're satisfied
So climb in baby and enjoy the ride

Call me crazy
'Cause I don't care where this will end
But it's amazing how much fun you have
Not knowing what's ahead
And we might make it, or we might just go down in flames
But you'll be glad you took the chance and girl you'll never be the same
Somewhere down deep you want so bad
To live the wildest dreams that you never had

(Repeat Chorus Twice)