To start things off here is an article I found in Country music magazine(the october/november issue):

Wanna do something about it?

write to the magazine and tell them what u think!

The address is:

Country Music Media Group Inc.
118 16th Ave. South
Nashville, TN 37203

Here are the pics of Jesse in Dan that were in the heading of the article, "Youthquake" :

Here is the letter I wrote:

Dear CMM,

I subscribe to your magazine and was really excited when I got your October/November issue. As I was leafing through the pages and got to the "Youthquake" article, I was happy to see the little pictures of Dan Cahoon and Jesse Littleton of Marshall Dyllon in the title. I was hoping they would finally get the credit they deserved, but when I saw their rating I was highly disappointed! I don't see how anyone could rate them so poorly. I've seen them perform live twice and got to know them really well. They truely are talented and sweet guys! Their song "You", which Ali gave an "F", is one of my favorite songs on their album. I know people of all ages who like Marshall Dyllon. They range from my 8 year old cousin to my grandma. Me and a lot of other Marshall Dyllon fans respect other people's opinions, but saying they sound like girls is hard to respect. We hope you feature these talented guys again soon, but with positive comments. Dan, Jesse, Todd, Paul, and Michael deserve the best and I wish them luck with their future in country music.

-Marshall Dyllon Fan from PA
Candi Harbold (

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